Let me begin by saying that this post is a very exciting post for me, and hopefully anyone who reads this may share in my excitement.

First some background:

Roughly one year ago I left a good but  very stressful job with a very reputable company to pursue a graduate degree. The job wasn’t exactly what I was looking for and I wasn’t completely satisfied. When I took the entrance examination for graduate school, I did extremely well and was offered a job as a graduate assistant at the university. The pay was considerably worse than the job I was working, but I took the offer because it included a full scholarship and would allow me to return to school full time. Since then, making ends meet has been a real struggle, but I have done well in school and have been optimistic about the situation.

 In November I began interviewing (it sounds like I got started with the interviewing process excessively early, but I wanted to be sure to have something lined up in time for graduation in May). I received a great job offer in December and was thrilled by how much they were willing to pay me and with where I would be relocating, and was convinced that I had found the right job. After researching the job for the past few weeks, however, I have become very discouraged with what I have been finding. I have also been interviewing with a very large company in the area I grew up in, and felt like the process was going extremely well, but I was fairly certain that the compensation package would be comparable to what my previous offer was.

 Today I received the call that I had been waiting for… the company in the local area wants to offer me the job. As the HR manager informed me of the details, he very casually (anti-climatically) stated the salary. At first, I was fairly sure that I did not hear him correctly, and I had to ask him to repeat himself. He stated the same number again, then chuckled.

 Naturally, I am completely thrilled.

 I should note that it is not just about the money. I have been really impressed with the quality of the individuals I have met over the course of the interview process. I also have been really excited about the fact that this opportunity will actually allow me to use my degree.

 I have until next week to accept the job, and of course I will want to talk it over with my girlfriend, but today is a great day.



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