Quotes from B-School

Well, this will be a rare post in that I am not going to write about school very often, but some of this stuff is pretty good. I currently have two of the most animated professors at the University, and it is going to make for an interesting semester. Some quotes from the first week of class (names have been changed):

Dr. Marley is a guy from the Caribbean, complete with the Caribbean accent. He is extremely knowledgable and fairly well known in his area of research.

Quote 1: 

Dr. Marley: “I do all of my shopping at Drug Mart. Drug stores are the most well-diversified of all stores. Giant Eagle? To hell with Giant Eagle. I can buy food, clothes, videotapes, beers, wine, office supplies, all of it at Drug Mart… you name it, man. Drug Mart should take over the world.”

Quote 2:

Dr. Marley: “Let me tell you something, guy. The European Union was set up to screw the U.S., and when they get done doing that, the Europeans set it up to screw each other. WWII ain’t over, guy. The French have been trying to screw the British for over 1000 years, and those assholes are just starting to pick up some steam.”

Next up: Dr. Jersey works in the marketing dept. and will retire after this semester. He is renowned at the college for his “stick it to the administration” attitude.

Quote 1:

Dr. Jersey (to Dr. Marley): “Henry, if you step one foot on this elevator I swear to god I will kick you square in the nuts.”

Quote 2:

Dr. Jersey (to student from Nepal): “Where are you from? Nepal? How in the hell did you end up here? Hell, how did you even get here? Did you pack up your shit with some sherpas and a yak and hit the road? Holy hell.”

Nepalese student: “Actually, yes. We flew the yaks to the U.K. and set off from there. The yaks made it about 2 miles into the Atlantic and drowned, leaving myself and the sherpas to fend for ourselves. Tomorrow I will bring in a picture of Mt. Everest.”

15 more weeks to go….


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