Some Spoiled Rich Kid Humor…

Fortunately, I don’t qualify as a ‘spoiled rich kid’, but we all know that our elected officials do.

Hillary Clinton pulled off a hilarious (note the sarcasm) stunt yesterday by posing as a flight attendant on her new campaign plane. “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard the maiden flight of Hil Force One” stated the senator from New York to the media as the plane was about to take off. “FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations prohibit the use of any cell phones, BlackBerrys, or wireless devices that may be used to transmit a negative story about me, and in the event of an unexpected drop in poll numbers, this plane will be diverted to New Hampshire.

Absolutely hilarious (again, note the sarcasm). I do have one question regarding this whole campaign thing… where do the candidates get all of this time to campaign (screw around)? Shouldn’t they be working on some sort of important ‘official senate business’ or something? It seems like they are that one guy in the office that never has time to accomplish the stuff he is supposed to accomplish, but always has time to come over and tell you too much info about his sex life or to spill coffee on your keyboard.

I pray that we don’t see her elected president…


One Response to Some Spoiled Rich Kid Humor…

  1. whenispark says:

    what i really pray to god about is that it doesn’t come down to her and huckabee. yikes.

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