The Real Question Surrounding Mars Bigfoot…

By now you have surely seeen the headlines about the ‘Mars Bigfoot’ image captured by the NASA Mars rover. For those of you who may be living in a cave, here are the photos:

Bigfoot Mars wide Mars Bigfoot close bigfootorange bigfoot

It seems that many people think that the image captured by NASA looks remarkably similar to the ‘Sasquatch’ captured in the famous Patterson Gimlin Film (the image on middle-right).

Upon further analysis, I am compelled to present a new, more interesting observation…

With the image reversed and some color added (far right), it appears that ‘Mars Bigfoot’ may be sporting a ‘nice rack’.

Just a thought.

7 Responses to The Real Question Surrounding Mars Bigfoot…

  1. reavolution says:


  2. raincoaster says:

    Is this near the place that has Pee Wee Herman’s face in a crater?

  3. drb4 says:

    I’m not sure, but if you recall his legal troubles a while back, there could be a potential problem if Pee-Wee Herman and this ‘Mars Bigfoot’ with a nice rack are in the same vicinity.

  4. aniche says:

    i think it’s Madonna looking to adopt more kids!:D

  5. Tasmaniac says:

    I’ve obviously been in a cave, 1st time I’ve seen it. Please clarify for us dummies, what’s a “Nice Rack” not a familiar term here in Tasmania

  6. molly says:

    that’s soooooooo totally FAKE!!!!!

  7. lalith says:

    but i think that nasa is not willing to share certain information related to space with the world in related to space .

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